Mediation is step taken by many to avoid the stress and expense that can arise in a courtroom. An open dialogue can prevent the costly and potentially emotionally taxing court proceedings, especially when finances and children are involved. As an alternative dispute resolution or ADR, successful mediation allows parties to settle their issues amongst themselves with the help of a neutral mediator. It can be done privately or under the supervision of a court of conciliation and does not require the presentation of evidence or the presence of attorneys like a court proceeding.

Some of the main reasons many opt for mediation during a dispute include (1) the parties involved can maintain control of the outcome instead of turning it over to a judge in a contested hearing (2) in many situations it is faster, simpler, and less expensive than prolonged litigation (3) it can help maintain personal relationships that may be broken during a heated legal battle.

The legal system is adversarial by nature and even people who are not naturally confrontational may be pushed to be so in the heat of a dispute. Especially in cases of divorce, there is bound to be some hurt feelings or emotions of betrayal. This can lead to proceedings escalating past a point that either party was prepared for or wanted. Choosing mediation can make it easier to keep a rational point of view and find an outcome that can be more mutually beneficial and more closely tailored to each unique situation than if a judge were to decide.

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